Saint Benedict and disciples Saints Maurus and Placidus

Please read before contacting, Thank you!

As a Benedictine who values the spirit of hospitality and welcome, I have been hesitant to post this statement. However, after several encounters with online hostility and negativity, I find myself impelled to do so. My intention here is to provide direct and efficient communication access for relating prayer requests and legitimate questions or inquiries, while protecting myself from harassment and abuse. This is why I limit contact by posting a generic non-personal Email address rather than a direct telephone number, or a personal Email address. Even so, many of the Emails I have received have been negative in spirit and tone, and occasionally I receive business solicitations or unwanted "advice" or criticism. Some messages have been downright cruel and insulting. These repeated negative experiences have indicated that I must be even more judicious as to which Emails I should ignore and delete and to which ones I should respond.

I welcome requests for prayers, as well as requests for clarifications or legitimate questions about this website. Be assured that prayer requests are included in my daily prayer once they are sent, regardless of how quickly I acknowlege them. (I may not be able to acknowlege every request that is received.) Regarding questions and other inquiries, please be sure that you carefully review this website before asking questions about it. Unspecific, one-sentence messages (ie. "Tell me more about your monastery") will be deleted and ignored. This same fate will befall all messages that are negative and critical in tone, offer unsolicited "advice" or are clearly advertisements for services.

If you have sent an Email that you believed was a legitimate request for information but it went unanswered, please feel free to resubmit your inquiry. It is possible that the intent and the wording of the previous message may have been misunderstood. As stated elsewhere on this website, even though I prefer to continue to be addressed as Brother Joseph, I currently am not in a position to insist upon it. Again, the reasons are provided on the website. Please do not ask me to repeat. Thanks!

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June 30, 2022